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2017 'how to' demonstration videos

Football Manager is more than just a game, it’s an institution. Over the years it’s helped millions of fans prove to their mates they know best.

Unfortunately, Football Managers seem to retire when they ‘grow up’. Alongside the award-winning agency, Dare, Prescription had to overcome the ‘time to change your underwear’ mindset, reminding players how it felt when they play first played Football Manager whilst also showing that it is time well spent.

We needed to let people know that we’re at the heart of football culture in an authentic and knowledgeable manner. We needed to show there’s a game to suit every lifestyle that enhances the experience of being a football fan. We needed to show that if you play the game, you know the game.

Dare launched a targeted “Play The Game, Know The Game” campaign in which we assisted with creative and video content to drive familiarity and sales of Football Manager 2017.