Pioneering Playisodes

/ Charlotte / We can make engaging playisodes / 13.10.2016
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1 in 4 consumers are engaging with branded videos each month (GWI 2016). Young children are engaging with brands online via playisodes, bringing to life new ways for them to use their new toys in ‘real-life’ environments. Playisodes are a smart and cost effective way to get your products to the right audience. 

The demand for video content has seen YouTube grow, with visitation now at 87% (GWI 2016). Brands including Disney are pioneering with this trend, actively reaching millions of children, adding value to their brand experience.

With just a child’s hands in shot, the child viewing feels they are witnessing real-life play from the perspective of another child. You can hear a child excitedly narrating whilst the editing involves fast pans and frequent cuts to reflect a child’s vision during play. 

Playisodes provide an opportunity for on-going narratives to introduce a full product range and how these might be incorporated into play (i.e. new characters per episode). Traditional advertising (i.e. TV) creates awareness and buzz around new toys. This trend of active play lives on YouTube and engages children to visualise having your toys in their hands through valuable entertainment and storytelling. At Prescription, this is what we call our StoryTriggers*.

Our creative talent have written and directed productions for channels including CITV, CBBC, Cartoon Network and more. Proudly, we've worked across leading brands Smyth's and Mattel to more boutique brands like Claudi & Fin. We also got hands on with Channel 5! We understand the significance of adding value to customers (whatever their age) through brand experiences and the commercial rewards this brings. With a team to accommodate each different brief, we offer effective and creative solutions to your comms objectives along with best value, even when constrained by time or budgets.

If this is something you are considering, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email to or call 0207 042 7719.