Investing in 360ยบ VR

/ Matt Garbutt / We've upped the ante. We produce 360/ VR/ AR / 7.1.2016
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2016 will be the breakthrough year for 360º VR. The increasing take up of consumer headsets means that producing exciting and engaging content for consumers is now an important addition to the marketing mix.

VR will be transformative, instead of interrupting people with ads, brands can sponsor virtual experiences people actually seek out, giving the opportunity to pull customers inside their brand. Deeper brand engagement, longer dwell times, greater recall and affinity plus access to millennial’s and tween segments are just some of the benefits of ultilising this new technology.

There are major brands, networks, studios, sports, and travel companies all planning their first VR activations, going at it aggressively and making clear that they are going to make an impact in this space.

Like the early movers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook before them—being early to market in VR means gaining the benefit of leading the pack, while simultaneously owning the unique space that the experience will inhabit. Marketing will also benefit from the added PR opportunities created by being at the coal face.

Hardware ranges from headsets from the high-tech big players, including Oculus, Sony Playstation VR and HTC Vive, through to the Zeiss VR1 & cheap ‘n cheerful Google cardboard who have taken the affordable route and introduced headsets that are shells for smartphones.   Smartphones are capable of powering and displaying a VR experience utilising the screen & accelerometers in conjunction with a headset. These types of setups are cheaper than the Rift but still get the job done to a high standard. In order for the masses to experience VR, it will have to be delivered in a way that uses existing devices like smartphones.

As a brand, it’s an amazing new marketing opportunity to have something so affordable that can be handed out at events and can immediately create a personal IMAX experience for the wearer using their own device.

360° content can be captured using the latest 360° technology.  The new 10 camera, GoPro based 360° rigs are an efficient way to capture full quality 360° material, and new devices are being announced all the time. Nikon are the latest to market with their brand new KeyMission camera.

With the GoPro rig, once we have captured the 10 overlapping images, we use bespoke software & expertise to sync & stitch, creating a seamless 360° world. Finally we finesse through the colour grade and sound mix. 

We've recently made a 360º VR featuring the Team GB synchronised swimmers, and written a quick guide to getting started with 360º VR, you can see the film and download the guide here.